Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

On September 14, 2023, a dedicated team from the Gulf Coast Partnership, including Karen Munoz, Noami Guy, Deb Houck, and Chris Oester, actively engaged in the organized distribution of tarps and cleaning supplies at the Charlotte Sports Park to Charlotte County residents profoundly affected by Hurricanes Ian and Idalia.

Additionally, staff were on-site to assist households in navigating the online Rebuild Florida application process and to furnish information about the COAD website, along with other invaluable resources. This community outreach initiative was meticulously planned and executed in seamless collaboration with the Charlotte County Emergency Management System.

The undertaking garnered enthusiastic participation from a multitude of Charlotte County residents, who generously devoted their time and resources to supply much-needed assistance to those in distress. As the distribution of these essential provisions unfolded, the GCP team observed with profound admiration the unwavering dedication and altruism demonstrated by our volunteers, as well as the steadfast support extended by our community partners. This heartening display underscored the exceptional solidarity within the community, particularly in moments of crisis and uncertainty.


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