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Meet Angela

Angela Hogan is the CEO of the Gulf Coast Partnership and Lead Agency for the Charlotte County Homeless Continuum of Care. Angela’s focus is on guiding strategic planning and capacity building to better serve our community’s most vulnerable populations. Over the last five years, the Gulf Coast Partnership has granted over $5.2M in grants and aid for vital services from non-profit organizations and individuals in need. In 2021 the Gulf Coast Partnership was one of only 33 communities nationwide selected to participate in the HUD Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project which will bring Charlotte County the leadership and resources necessary to build a system to end youth homelessness. Angela is passionate about making system-wide change through starting or supporting projects that raise the community’s capacity to help people in crisis.   
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Angela is a proud graduate of Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont with degrees in Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. Angela has served as CEO/ED of non-profit or government agencies for the majority of her 30+ year career including Mental Health, Substance Use, Nuclear Power, Literacy, Homelessness, and Child Welfare Organizations.  Angela currently serves on Local Boards for FEMA-EFSP, Affordable Housing, Community Action, and Disaster Response. 

Outside of work, Angela is a native Vermonter, Anglophile, and has eclectic musical taste including classical chamber performances, 1920 – 1950 blues, and 80’s grunge. She enjoys treasure hunting at estate sales, swooning over bulldogs, collecting antique silver, connecting with her children all over the country, lazy days with her husband, the beach, and watching British Crime Dramas (currently binge watching the 11 seasons of Death in Paradise).
Angela Hogan
Chief Executive Officer
Tracy Hille
Chief Operating Officer

Meet Tracy

Tracy Hille is a mystery to us all.

Meet Lex

Lex is the Youth Action Coordinator at the Gulf Coast Partnership, or GCP. In 2021, Lex founded the Charlotte County Youth Action Board, upon which she serves as the current chair and acts as one of its lead decision makers for all matters concerning homeless youth. Acting in her current position, both she and her team aim to help enact change in the community by working closely with GCP leadership, CoC Stakeholders Council, and youth-serving providers. She is excited to see tangible change in Charlotte County and is confident the community can rally together to get the work done. Lex’s passion for helping homeless youth was sparked after she became homeless just prior to her senior year of high school. Her drive to end youth homelessness has provided her opportunities to advocate for LGBTQ+ homeless youth on a state and national level. Having experienced the same challenges as those she is empowered to help, Lex is steadfast in her mission to end youth homelessness and increase accessible services for those who need it. If asked about her proudest achievement, Lex would talk about the first grant application she cowrote with the GCP which resulted in 1.1 million dollars to help homeless youth in Charlotte County.
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Native to Punta Gorda, Florida, Lex graduated from Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School where she was in the top 10% of her class. While in high school, she worked at a few different restaurants in Punta Gorda. She contributes her experience in the service industry for teaching her patience and teamwork. After graduating from high school with her associates degree, she moved 1200 miles away to Pennsylvania where she currently attends Lehigh University. Pursuing a B.S. in Management and Business Information Systems, with a minor in Computer Science, Alex plans on going into the tech field to work as a project manager after obtaining her degree.

Although Lex remains busy with both her work and school careers, when she is granted some personal time, her primary focus is relaxation. Surrounded by a sizable and growing collection of vinyls, listening to music is one of her favorite ways to decompress. In addition to music, Lex also has what she describes as an unhealthy obsession with drag queens, and as such she can often be found watching Rupaul’s Drag Race on repeat and never misses a new episode. On the days where she chooses to venture out into the wild, it is typical to find a nice spot on the beach where she can sunbathe and take in the UV, or living it up at local drag shows.
Lex Damm-Loring
Youth Action Coordinator
April O’Rourke
Program and Administrative Support Specialist

Meet April

April is the Program and Administrative Support Specialist.  Her responsibilities at the Gulf Coast Partnership include HMIS data compliance, CIS trainings, data analysis and submitting reports.  

She was born and raised in Charlotte County, Florida. April spent most of her career working for her father’s construction company as a secretary.  She has 3 children and 1 grandson. Her family started a non-profit organization for school-aged girls to play softball.  April was on the board for Miss Englewood’s Girls Fast Pitch Softball and coached young girls for about 10 years.               

April enjoys spending time with her family, boating, fishing, camping, and occasionally taking a ride on the motorcycle.  She also enjoys playing softball on a women’s senior league on Wednesday nights.

Meet Chris

Chris is the SAMHSA Services Coordinator of the Gulf Coast Partnership. Chris’s focus at the GCP is Mental Health and Substance Abuse Homelessness.  Chris works very closely with a team of professionals to assist vulnerable participants access safe affordable permanent housing.  Chris has a background in MH and SA Targeted Case Management at Charlotte BehavioralHealth Care where he was the Mental Health Court Case Manager for 5 years.  Chris is very passionate about his role at the GCP. He enjoys outreach and advocating for his participants.
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Chris returned to college at the age of 40 earning his BA in Applied Behavioral Science from Ashford University in Arizona. Before that Chris enjoyed his career working with developmentally disabled individuals.  Chris has always enjoyed and thrived while helping others with disparities.

Chris is the proud owner of two furry children with four legs both of which talk back with a loud bark.  On his down time Chris enjoys Netflix and relaxing.  He also enjoys boating and fishing when given the chance.  Chris has two more goals to achieve.  First, he would like to own a no kill shelter for unwanted dogs and second, he would like to purchase and run Sober-Living houses in Charlotte County Florida.
Chris Oester
SAMHSA Services Coordinator
Kelly Hunter
Development Director

Meet Kelly

Kelly Hunter is the Development Director at the GCP. She is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for addressing homelessness and advocating for vulnerable populations. With extensive experience in the field, Kelly has made a significant impact during her tenure at the Gulf Coast Partnership. Having served as the Director of Coordinated Services from March 2018 until August 2023, she oversaw the One Charlotte Coordinated Entry Process, providing essential support and training to CoC-funded agencies serving Charlotte County residents facing housing crises. Kelly's commitment extended beyond her responsibilities as she actively worked with the Youth Action Board (YAB) to develop a youth-specific Coordinated Entry Process and Best-Practices tools for serving homeless youth in the community. Under her leadership, the One Charlotte Housing and Outreach Team successfully ended chronic homelessness in Charlotte County in 2021. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, she formed a Regional Coordinated Entry Process Committee with neighboring CoCs to ensure equitable access to housing and services for homeless individuals, no matter where they present for services. Now assuming the role of Director of Development and Marketing, Kelly continues her mission of creating positive change and raising awareness about homelessness in the community. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to helping those in need have left a lasting impact on the organization and the community at large, and she remains driven by the vision of ending homelessness for all individuals and families facing housing crises in Charlotte County, Florida.
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Kelly is a Florida Board Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager, who began volunteering in homeless services when she was 18 years old and after becoming stranded in the heart of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. It was there that she met an unhoused gentleman named Robert, who looked after her and made sure she was safe. Getting to know Robert and hearing his story forever changed Kelly’s perspective on life. For more than 25 years, Kelly has worked with individuals and families with various lived experiences like mental health, substance use, and homelessness and has no plans of stopping until every person in the country has a safe place to call home.

When she is not working or advocating for others, Kelly greatly enjoys spending her time being creative through various artforms like writing, painting, and upcycling furniture. She also enjoys learning about plants from her mother who owns a nursery, as Kelly did not inherit her mother’s green thumb! More than anything, Kelly finds great joy in going on grand adventures with her husband and two newly adult sons.

Meet Naomi

Noami Guy is the Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Coordinator. Her job is to ensure that survivors are connected to victim services. Her accomplishment from the beginning has been to develop a Domestic Violence Leadership meeting to explore solutions for community agencies and deliver some value to create solutions. She is passionate about connecting survivors to give them a sense of well-being and resilience.
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She is a wife and mother of 3 adult children and grandmother of a 1-year-old grandson and lived in Florida for a while. She graduated from high school in 1995 then went to Everest University to get her medical billing/coding certificate. Her work history is 6 years as a case manager with the (Charlotte County Coalition) and then 3 years with (The Center for Abuse and Rape Emergency) as Economic Justice Advocate.

Something you probably don't realize about her is that she loves painting murals and writing poetry because it calms her anxiety. She enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and watching all thrillers and crime films as her fantasy when she grows up is to become a Forensic Investigator.
Noami Guy
Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Coordinator
Deb Houck
Long Term Recovery Director

Meet Deb

As the Long Term Recovery Director Deb collaborates with both government and nonprofit agencies in the community to address unmet needs following HurricaneIan. Her passion is to help, empower, educate, and advocate for others. This has been evident throughout her career.
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Deb moved to Florida from New York State in 2015. She has spent her career working with non-profit agencies. While in NY, just out of college she worked with both adults and children with a wide range of developmental disabilities and mental health diagnoses. She worked at a group home and in a day program with adults. Then at a school with children of all ages – newborn to age 21. Her professional life evolved when she joined the Alzheimer’s Association and then later at the National MS Society. Her roles at these agencies involved case management, program management, program planning, education, training, and volunteer engagement. Once she relocated to FL she worked at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care as a Targeted Case Manager certified by theState. She also worked as a certified Health Coach doing diabetes education.Deb graduated from the State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport with a BS in Psychology.

When she’s not at work Deb enjoys her down time.She loves to read, both fiction and nonfiction, and makes sure it’s part of her routine every day. She also enjoys outdoor activities, especially anything todo with water. Deb has visited many of the Florida cold springs, she enjoys boating, and she goes to the beach to find shark teeth and go shelling. Her and her husband have always had pets, currently they have a cat and a dog but Deb would also love to foster kittens or Great Danes some day. Additionally, Deb likes to spend time with friends and family, travel, listen to live music in small venues, and watch terrible TV.

Meet Karen

Meet Karen Muñoz, our compassionate Special Population Coordinator, who diligently assists veterans, domestic violence survivors, and human trafficking victims. With her relentless commitment, Karen ensures that individuals have access to essential resources, helping them secure stable housing for all.
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Karen was born in Panama City, Panama, and later moved to Port Charlotte in 2001. As a mother of two children, she believes in being an excellent example for her family, personally and professionally. Recently, Karen achieved her master's degree in science with a specialization in human resources, further strengthening her ability to support and uplift those in need.

Besides her dedication to helping others, Karen is passionate about exploring different countries and immersing herself in diverse cultures. This love for travel and learning allows her to bring a unique perspective and empathy to her role, making her an invaluable asset to our team and establishing a more inclusive and compassionate community for everyone involved.
Karen Munoz
Special Population Coordinator
Molly Ryan
Youth Services Director

Meet Molly

Molly Ryan is the new Youth Services Director at GCP, bringing her passion for youth empowerment and community building to the forefront. With a wealth of experience in guiding and supporting young individuals, Molly’s role is instrumental in shaping impactful programs and initiatives that uplift and inspire the youth in the community. Her dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of young minds makes her a valuable asset to GCP’s mission and vision.
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Molly’s journey in youth development and education has been profoundly influenced by her background and academic achievements. Hailing from Lake County, Illinois, she completed her bachelor’s degree at Western Illinois University and subsequently honed her passion by pursuing master’s degrees in criminal justice and education from Columbia College. Molly’s diverse educational foundation, coupled with her extensive experience at the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center and Regional Office of Education until 2022, has equipped her with invaluable insights into the needs and challenges facing young individuals. During her tenure at the detention center, Molly made a meaningful impact by actively contributing to community initiatives such as the annual youth conference, “Girl-Wise,” and playing a vital role as a committee member in ensuring that the facility maintained up-to-date LGBTQI policies and procedures, demonstrating her dedication to inclusivity and advocacy. Moreover, Molly’s adventurous spirit and passion for experiential learning led her to serve as a high/low ropes course facilitator, fostering trust and growth among the youth she worked with.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Molly enjoys the simple pleasures of life that bring her genuine happiness. As a proud Dog Mom to her beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Messi, she finds comfort and joy in the companionship of her furry friend. Family is at the heart of Molly’s life, and being the youngest of five siblings, she cherishes the special moments spent with her four amazing nieces and nephews, affectionately known as Tía Molly. Molly’s adventurous spirit fuels her love for exploring new experiences and forging meaningful connections with others, making her an approachable and relatable presence in the lives of those she serves at GCP.

Meet Courtney

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Courtney Kerry
Resource Navigator
Angela Meredith
Resource Navigator

Meet Ange

Ange is a Resource Navigator at the Gulf Coast Partnership, where she dedicates herself to aiding applicants in the Long Term Recovery program to overcome the aftermath of hurricane Ian by addressing their unmet needs. With a passion for assisting others in various capacities, Ange finds fulfillment in her role, which allows her to make a positive impact on people's lives.
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Before joining the Gulf Coast Partnership, Ange contributed her expertise to Good Shepherd Ministries in Hallandale, Florida, and Good Shepherd Outreach (The Bridge) in Davie, Florida. In these roles, she provided invaluable support to single mothers, the homeless, and individuals grappling with substance abuse issues. Her commitment to uplifting communities and empowering those in need has been evident throughout her career.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ange has a deep love for vegetable gardening and finds joy in educating others about permaculture gardening methods. Her passion for exploration has taken her to sixteen countries, fostering a global perspective that enriches her interactions with diverse communities. Additionally, she cherishes her role as a devoted mom, always cherishing the moments she spends with her children.

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