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Stronger together.

There has been a new collaborative movement among human service providers, non-profits, government, faith-based, and Community activists who have come together to support innovative ideas for solving the condition of homelessness.

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Putting our best foot forward with our partners

Our work would not be possible without all of our fabulous partners


Wendy Atkinson - Charlotte County Public Schools
Dr. Shelley Strickland - Charlotte Community Foundation
George Maggio - JFCS of the Suncoast
Lex Damm-Loring - Youth Action Board
Stephen R. Deutsch - Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners
Shelia Dixon - Lutheran Services Florida
J. Scott Eller - Community Assisted and Supported Living
Tina Figliuolo - The Homeless Coalition
Patrick Fuller - Charlotte County Emergency Management
Jocey Henderson - Charlotte County Veteran’s Services
Angela M. Hogan - Gulf Coast Partnership
Nancy Johnson – TEAM Punta Gorda
Courtney Kerry - Youth Action Board
Cristy King - Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice
Robin Lindecamp – CDBIA Board
Mike Mansfield - Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity
Angie Matthiessen - Charlotte County United Way
Kay Moshier McDivitt – Retired Homeless TA Expert
Karen McElhaney - Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies
Ashley Mitchell - DCF
Kurt Pentelecuc - Punta Gorda Housing Authority
Dr. Joseph Pepe - Florida Dept. of Health in Charlotte County
Sgt. Ronnie Pressley - Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office
Michael Raposa - St. Vincent de Paul CARES
Luella Richardson – US Department of Veteran Affairs
Suzanne Roberts - Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Community Clinic
Joseph Sabatino - Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Sacred Heart Conference
Jason Saffels - Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
Victoria Scanlon - Charlotte Behavioral Health Care
Daphnie Toussaint - Youth Action Board
Carrie Walsh - Charlotte County Human Services

Our feature funders

Here’s a brief description of the featured funders.

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Florida Department of Children and Families

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