2023 Local Data Update

In our ongoing commitment to addressing homelessness in Charlotte County, the Gulf Coast Partnership is proud to share insights into our efforts to track local data on homelessness. Through the One Charlotte Coordinated Entry System, we gather crucial information that not only helps us understand the complex dynamics of homelessness but also guides our initiatives toward more effective and targeted solutions.

Why Track Local Data on Homelessness?

Tracking local data on homelessness is instrumental in developing informed strategies that address the unique challenges faced by individuals and families in our community. This data provides a comprehensive overview of the demographics, needs, and circumstances of those experiencing homelessness, enabling us to tailor our programs and resources to make a lasting impact.

By understanding the specific needs of different groups, such as survivors of domestic violence (DV), Veterans, youth, families, and single adults, we can deploy resources more effectively and advocate for targeted support from the community and government agencies.

2023 Inflow and Outflow Data Highlights: A Snapshot of Progress

In 2023, the One Charlotte Coordinated Entry System processed a total of 588 individuals and families seeking housing assistance, each with their own unique stories and challenges. The breakdown of inflow data reveals the diversity of those experiencing a housing crisis in our community:

Survivors Fleeing DV: 24 individuals/families

Veterans: 107 individuals/families

Youth (18 to 24 years): 50 individuals

Families: 91 households

Single Adults (25+): 316 individuals

These numbers, while stark, represent real people in our community facing difficult circumstances. The Gulf Coast Partnership remains steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that every individual and family receives the support they need to transition out of homelessness permanently.

While we celebrate these successes, the Gulf Coast Partnership recognizes that there is still much work to be done. Our ongoing commitment is to continue leveraging data-driven insights to refine and expand our programs, ensuring that we leave no one behind in our quest to end homelessness in Charlotte County.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to creating a community where everyone has a place to call home!

This chart shows the number of persons fleeing DV, Veterans, youth, families, and chronically homeless individuals who entered Coordinated Entry in 2023.
This chart shows the number of persons who moved into housing and who were exited from Coordinated Entry in 2023.
This line graph shows the 2023 One Charlotte Coordinated Entry Inflow vs. Outflow for Veterans and non-Veteran participants.
This chart shows the percentages of special populations and other homeless individuals who entered Coordinated Entry in 2023.
This chart shows the percentage of the One Charlotte Coordinated Entry Inflow vs. Outflow for 2023.

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