Long-Term Recovery: 18 Months Post Hurricane Ian

In the wake of Hurricanes Ian and Idalia, the Long-Term Recovery (LTR) Department at Gulf Coast Partnership has been diligently working to assist individuals and families affected by the storms. As we approach the 18-month mark post Ian, the LTR team reflects on their significant achievements and ongoing commitment to aiding those in need.

Led by Deb Houck, the Long-Term Recovery Director, our dedicated team of three has processed an impressive 1500 applications submitted through www.coadfl.org. Of these applications, 1205 have seen their needs met and have been successfully closed, bringing relief to households still struggling with the aftermath of these disasters.

The LTR Department has facilitated more than 300 direct referrals to partner agencies, with over 80 currently active and ongoing collaborations. In addition to these partner referrals, the team is actively working on more than 200 of their own applications, including newly submitted ones.

Deb Houck shares, "We continue to receive a steady stream of applications each month, averaging 60 new applications, in addition to managing our existing workload. February alone saw over 75 new applications, a trend we believe is directly linked to recent advertising."

Approaching the September 2024 wrap-up date for Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Idalia recovery efforts, the LTR Department has intensified outreach through press releases, social media, and mailings. The team remains committed to assisting households impacted by the storms, offering relief of various forms such as home repairs, relocation assistance, storage costs, and addressing other unmet needs directly caused by the hurricanes.

Houck highlights a successful voucher program implemented by the GCP's LTR Department in partnership with Charlotte Community Foundation, Charlotte County Homeless Coalition, and Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, providing individuals and families the opportunity to replace lost furniture, appliances, household goods, or clothing by applying for vouchers to local re-sale stores. Another critical form of assistance has been through move-in support, which has helped numerous residents resolve their housing crisis.

As Gulf Coast Partnership's LTR Department perseveres in its mission, it remains a paramount force of hope and support for the community, embodying the spirit of resilience and compassion.

Funding and resources are still available for a limited time, please encourage those in need to apply at www.coadfl.org.

For more information, please contact Deb Houck, Long-Term Recovery Director at LTR@gulfcoastpartnership.org or (941) 769-5162.


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