Our Youth Leaders

Introducing our Youth Action Board: a powerful collective of young individuals who have bravely faced homelessness and now lead the charge in guiding homeless policies throughout Charlotte County, Florida. With their firsthand experiences driving their advocacy, these passionate youth leaders are committed to effecting meaningful change and fostering a more inclusive and compassionate community for those impacted by homelessness.

The SHARE Program funded by Florida Housing Finance Corporation funds 24 months of rental assistance for homeless families with schoolchildren. The program is a collaboration between the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, Punta Gorda Housing Authority, Charlotte County Schools, Jewish Family & Children’s Service, and the Gulf Coast Partnership. Together these organizations collectively contribute $736,000 in assistance and services for the families. This grant from Gulf Coast Community Foundation will assist in closing the gap for expenses these homeless families are experiencing, including obtaining documents, deposits and emergency needs to successfully secure housing.  

Our goal is to make a substantial impact in the lives of the families receiving this intensive wrap-around support. Case management support is provided by Charlotte County Public Schools for youth enrolled and Family Case Management services are provided by Jewish Family & Children’s Service. The ultimate goal is to increase school attendance, improve academic performance, and increase household self-sufficiency.

About Gulf Coast Partnership

The Gulf Coast Partnership is a community-wide initiative formed to understand community needs, identify best practices, and to forge community consensus to implement goals and strategies to raise the quality of life for all Charlotte County residents. The Gulf Coast Partnership through innovation and collaboration.

To learn more about the Gulf Coast Partnership and what they are doing in the community, visit GulfCoastPartnership.org

About Gulf Coast Community Foundation

For more than 25 years, together with its donors, Gulf Coast Community Foundation has transformed our region through bold and proactive philanthropy. Gulf Coast is a public charity that was created in 1995 through the sale of the Venice Hospital. Since then, it has become the philanthropic home of nearly 1,000 families, individuals, businesses, and organizations that have established charitable funds there. Together, they have invested over $425 million in grants in the areas of health and human services, civic and economic development, education, arts and culture, and the environment. Learn more at GulfCoastCF.org

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