Join now for a full scholarship to the 2021 Imagine Solutions Conference!

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Great opportunity being offered to every First Responder and Essential Service organization serving SW Florida they will underwrite and offer through their organizations – FREE REGISTRATIONS to all their employees! That is 59,600 employees! This program is called OUR HEROES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. Register for our conference today to help this program succeed today and in the future!

Our Heroes Scholarship Program

The 2021 Imagine Solutions Conference will provide full scholarships to all the employees of our First Responder and Essential Services organizations (non-profit organizations) serving Southwest Florida. All will attend for FREEif you register.  

WHO QUALIFIES? All employees at our schools (public, private, K-12, universities), hospitals, fire departments, police departments, non-profit organizations serving SW Florida. 59,600 employees!


  • You will received registration information from your organization’s leadership. Simple, easy to follow.
  • You can go to the Imagine Solutions web site:
  • Click on the tab – EVENTS
  • Scroll down to CONFERENCE
  • Click on REGISTER
  • Go to the box marked “OUR HEROES SCHOLARSHIPS”
  • Register for yourself – must provide your e-mail address to receive a registration “pin” to access each session.

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